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'Stories are everywhere around me; I don't need to go hunting for them. Sometimes the smallest comment or thought can spark an idea for a book. I know it seems impossible, surrounded by such beauty, but believe it or not, it's the ideal place to plot a murder.'

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Dr Cathy Moreland is taken aback when an irate patient comes to her practice claiming his ailing wife has been kidnapped by one of her colleagues using a false name. Is someone impersonating a doctor, or is Adam Steer delusional?

After looking into Adam’s claims, she feels reassured that no such thing actually happened—but continues to worry that Steer is mentally unwell. A visit to his home only leads to more alarm. No one answers the door, but Cathy overhears a conversation that convinces her something sinister is going on—and that she herself may be in danger.

Cathy’s own bipolar disorder is well-managed, but she’s beginning to doubt her own sanity—and others are, too. As strange developments unfold, will she be able to make any sense of the events around her before everything spirals out of control?

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Dr Cathy Moreland welcomes the chance to stay at a country hotel for an advanced life support course. But the atmosphere among her fellow practitioners seems fraught with tension—and the equipment meant for saving lives is instead used to kill a bad-tempered doctor.

He will not be the only one to die—and when Cathy discovers that intimidating notes were being sent to the attendees, including one that calls Cathy herself out for an unethical act in the past, she must find out who may have broken an oath to do no harm . . .

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When she pays a condolence call to a medical secretary, Sara Wiseman, Dr Cathy Moreland is a bit taken aback by the fact that Sara seems more upset about the recent suspicious death of her colleague at the hospital than the loss of her mother. But Cathy is far more taken aback when Sara’s husband later confides that he suspects Sara was having an affair with the dead doctor – and that he fears it was the least of her transgressions. Could she have had something to do with not only his demise but her own mother’s?

When the post mortem reveals the doctor had a chemical in his system that was stored in the pathology lab – and it becomes more apparent that the large amount of the toxin has gone missing – Cathy agrees to assist her friend and fellow doctor in the investigation. She can only hope she doesn’t end up in the mortuary herself…

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When a patient visits Dr Cathy Moreland with a disturbing story of marital tension and a bruise on her upper arm, Cathy is understandably concerned. But the young woman, Fiona, refuses further help despite confiding that she’s afraid of her husband.
Cathy is more worried still when, just days later, Fiona’s husband urges her to sign his gun licence form. With no reason not to, Cathy reluctantly complies. Soon after, Cathy is horrified to hear of a death during a shooting party on a local estate. But Fiona is not the victim. Nor is Fiona’s husband the one who pulled the trigger—but it was his gun that took the victim down. Now Cathy is left questioning whether what looks like an accident is really a coincidence, and what’s been going on behind closed doors . . .

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As Betty Scott is dying, she warns Dr. Cathy Moreland that danger lurks at the charity shop where she volunteers. But the only clue she provides is a reference to the now-derelict psychiatric hospital called Fernibanks. Then Betty is found dead—but not from natural causes—and Cathy is compelled to investigate.
At the charity shop, Cathy encounters several workers, some of whom raise her suspicions.
When a local man with a learning disability is arrested for Betty’s murder, a man Cathy deems an unlikely suspect, she grows more determined to find the truth. And when two people end up in hospital, the story behind the recent events—and a long-ago death—begins to emerge . . .

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Dr. Cathy Moreland has recently returned to work after battling mental health challenges, but her surgery in the British countryside is simmering, as usual, with tensions. One doctor struggles to keep up with the changes in the medical field; another, ambitious and aggressive, is romantically entangled with a nurse. The newest arrival, a pharmacist, seems very competent—but his behaviour is mysterious.
When one of the doctors dies after drinking a cup of coffee, the practice is thrown into a state of suspicion and chaos. Circumstances seem to point toward one partner—but Cathy intends to examine the evidence more closely . . .

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A doctor retreats to the Scottish coast for a fresh start—but finds herself in harm’s way—in this compelling murder mystery.

Physician Cathy Moreland needs time to heal, having recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder while struggling with a painkiller habit. The little village of Kinnaven promises respite, but after Cathy attempts to get an opiate prescription, things don’t go well. When she discovers the body of the local Dr. Cosgrove, her sanctuary is shattered.

Before long, Cathy is swept up in local gossip about the death. Decades earlier, the cliff where Cosgrove died had been the site of another tragedy, leading some to suspicions about the doctor’s demise. But as Cathy determines to learn the truth, she will find herself in grave danger.

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“There's no need for fiction in medicine, for the facts will always beat anything you fancy.”

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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